The mission of Family Enrichment is to help couples enhance their communication skills, have more fulfilling marriages, and effectively raise their children to become capable, flourishing adults. 


Support parents in being united in their approach to parenting;

Encourage parents to understand and appreciate the impact of their marital relationship on the family;

Enable parents to identify needs, solve problems and set goals for their family;

Provide parents with varied practical suggestions and ideas which they can apply to their own family life; and

Encourage parents to consider the long term benefits of good parenting on their children.

What we do

We offer courses to help parents do their job in a more “professional” way. Training and continuing professional development is common in virtually all professions and Family Enrichment DC believes that parents should be similarly trained and have ongoing input for their role as parents. The focus is on responsibility, freedom and love.

These courses help parents learn a solid and effective method that helps them put their educational mission into practice. It also creates a support network among participating families.

Based on The Case Study Method, pioneered at Harvard Business School, parents are able to learn together about real situations that challenge families.

The programs are designed according to the developmental stages of children. The methodology of the courses is essentially participatory, consisting in the discussion of the cases in small group meetings formed by various married couples.

The teams meet under the principles of freedom, respect for the others opinions and friendship. These are the focal points that promote participation.

The cases are analyzed and debated in the general sessions. These sessions are moderated by experts on each theme, which is also supported by “technical notes” given to participating couples.

Family Enrichment DC is affiliated with the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD).

IFFD is a non-government, independent federation founded more than 30 years ago to work on promoting and supporting initiatives in favor of Marriage and the Family.

Family Enrichment Courses of IFFD, with a participative methodology based on the Case Study Method, work in more than 60 countries of the five continents. IFFD collaborates in international forums to promote and protect family and marriage values. IFFD is an NGO with General Consultative Status on the Economic and Social Committee (ESOSOC) of the United Nations.

Our history