Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Family Enrichment?

Family Enrichment is a program of courses designed to help individuals professionalize personal, marital and parental development by becoming experts in the case study method so that they can ultimately:

1) Strength relationships, especially their relationship with their spouse (or future spouse if single)

2) Help them become better parents (or future parents if single)

3) Develop strong problem solving habits

4) Foster and deepen friendships.


What is The Case Study Method?

In Family Enrichment, the case study method--commonly found in business and law school classrooms--is used to examine 3rd party scenarios relevant to the participant's life. Family Enrichment provides a space to analyze these examples of complex and sometimes daunting situations that can arise in life to better understand their causes and identify resolutions. Participants become experts in the method such that they can apply it to any situation at home, work or elsewhere.


For whom are these courses designed?

Family Enrichment courses are designed for married couples who wish to educate their children, promote personal and marital improvement and obtain the tools that will help them achieve these goals.


What is the objective of the FEDC courses?

The objective of Family Enrichment courses is to make the role of parents “professional.” Men and women are trained to be better in their professions, and Family Enrichment believes parents should be similarly trained in parenting, with a focus on responsibility, freedom and love. The program provide parents with the knowledge and tools to help them achieve stronger and healthier families.


What do the courses consist of?

The majority of FEDC courses are designed according to the stages of child development. The courses communicate the main academic frameworks and the basic habits that children learn at each stage. The Matrimonial Love course concentrates on the most important aspects of a marriage. All courses are structured on a four-step case study method. First, each person reads on their own, then the couple discusses the case, then move on to the small group and general session as described above.


How long do the courses last?

The courses are conducted in several sessions on a biweekly or monthly basis. The number of sessions depends on each course, but a required minimum must be met to cover the basic content. The pace of each session is monitored by the course coordinator and adapted to the needs of the participating couples.


What is required of a couple to participate in a course?

It is essential that the husband and wife assume responsibility for the education of their family. Because progress can only be made when a common goal is sought, both must agree to undertake a real commitment to their personal, marital and familial happiness. Both spouses’ attendance is required to participate in our courses.


Who provides these courses?

Family Enrichment DC, an organization involved in training couples and supporting families, provides the courses.


Where do these courses originate?

These courses have been carefully developed by the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD). IFFD is a non governmental, independent and non-profit federation set up to promote and support initiatives to strengthen marriage and the family. Family Enrichment DC is affiliated with IFFD.